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Study Visa

With the institutional acceptance letter that the CI issues and sends to the Exchange Coordinator at your institution, you can begin the process of obtaining the student visa that is required to enter Mexico.

The Constitution of the United Mexican States (Mexican Law) establishes, under Article 42 of the GENERAL LAW OF THE PEOPLE, that all students who undertake an academic stay of more than three months must enter Mexico with a student visa in order to begin their studies in official educational establishments.

If your academic stay is less than three months, a tourist visa is sufficient to remain in the country for a period of between 30 and 60 days. Both types of visa are recognized within the quality of non-immigrant, given that the intention is not to reside in Mexico.

To obtain the visa, you must go to the Mexican Embassy or Consulate in your own country and ask the representative of the Department of Foreign Affairs for the requirements that apply in that country. The visa will allow you to enter the country as a student and undertake your academic stay with full legal rights. To find the Mexican Embassy or Consulate nearest to your place of residence, consult the section pertaining to foreign representatives on the webpage Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores.

The basic documentation required to obtain the visa consists of:

Una vez inscrito en un Centro Universitario puedes ir a la oficina de la Unidad de Becas e Intercambio Académico del centro para que te orienten en el trámite de obtención de tu credencial de estudiante, con ella puedes obtener algunos beneficios como:

  • • Official Application Form for entering Mexico
  • • Valid passport
  • • Proof of the student’s enrolment at the official educational institution such as the University of Guadalajara or a letter issued by the educational institution on headed paper and signed by the person authorized to confirm the acceptance of the enrolment of the foreign student. Whatever document is used, it must specify the degree level, duration of stay and area of study that the student wishes to undertake.
  • • Proof of economic solvency to support oneself during the academic stay (bank statements, scholarships, others)

Once you have entered Mexico and have established your student immigration status, you must register in the Registro Nacional de Extranjeros within 30 days of your entry in the country.

Furthermore, you must notify the Registro Nacional de Extranjeros of any change to your immigration status within 30 days of that change. For help and advice with this procedure, you should go to the Oficina de Abogado General, which is situated on the 3rd Floor of the Rectoría General (corner of Av. Juárez and Av. Enrique Díaz de León)