Functions of Coordination for Internationalization

  • • Its functions are to promote, coordinate and evaluate the institutional policies and strategies of academic cooperation and internationalization.
  • • To issue general recommendations in respect of integration within the international arena, as well as making known the tendencies and advances of cooperation and internationalization applied to preparatory and higher education.
  • • To represent the range of abilities of the University of Guadalajara to national and international organizations in respect of the promotion of international cooperation and internationalization.
  • • To coordinate actions in regard to cooperation and internationalization of the departments within the Network without affecting their corresponding functions.
  • • To maintain and foster relations between the institution and national and international organizations in regard to cooperation and internationalization.
  • • To promote and coordinate the drawing-up of agreements in regard to national and international cooperation, as well as overseeing their completion.
  • • To promote educational programmes in outside institutions and to amplify its international presence by coordinating with the corresponding departments within the University Network.To design strategies of promotion, information and dissemination in regard to the internationalization activities of the institution, along with cooperation opportunities, to the university community.