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Arrival in Mexico (Guadalajara)

Guadalajara’s international airport, the Miguel Hidalgo, is located 17 km to the south of the city, on the Guadalajara-Chapala Highway #2, 30 minutes from the metropolitan area.

In the airport, you will find banking services, foreign exchange offices, a post office, restaurants and shops, along with local taxi and bus services.

The cost of a taxi ride to the city ranges between $160 and $350 pesos. The bus service to the centre is hourly and costs $10 pesos.

It is common for flights to make a stop at the Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City. This offers the same services that are available at Miguel Hidalgo Airport. If your flight does make a stop in Mexico City, it is recommended that you be vigilant with your baggage and that you don’t go out of the airport at night.

If you travel to Guadalajara by bus, you will arrive at the Central Nueva de Autobuses de Guadalajara, which is situated on the outskirts of Tlaquepaque, one of the municipalities that make up the metropolitan area of the Guadalajara, about 10 km from the centre of the city.

The Central Nueva has taxi and local bus services; the cost of a taxi ride varies according to the final destination, but to give you an example, the cost to the city centre is $150 pesos. The taxi service is regulated at a booth; go to this booth to pay for the taxi beforehand and this will ensure that you pay the correct fare. If this form of payment is not available, we suggest that you ask for the taxi meter to be used (some taxi drivers will try and quote an inflated price).

The offices of the CI are situated close to the Guadalajara city centre. The address is: López Cotilla N° 1043 (between Argentina y Prado). Principle avenues close to the CI are; Ave. Juárez, Ave. Enrique Díaz de León and Ave. Hidalgo. A taxi from the centre will cost around $30. We recommend that you buy a map of the city (the Guía Roji being the most comprehensive) so that you can get around more easily.