Independent Students

You are independent international student if your institution is not part of the partner institutions, , this is that is no cooperation agreement signed between your home institution and the University of Guadalajara. Therefore, this means that you must cover the registration fee for external students. This fee is about 1100 usd per semester.

Register your request to carry out a mobility program (whether for to study subjects, research or internships) where you must upload the requested documents:

  • • Copy of official identification (passport -international students- or identity card -Mexican students-).
  • • Curriculum vitae in Spanish, maximum 2 pages.
  • • Statement of reasons letter
  • • Academic recommendation letter
  • • Academic record (transcript or partial certificate), translated by student and endorsed by the exchange coordinator.
  • • Proof of proficiency in the Spanish Language
  • Once you have received acceptance:
    • • Copy of the international health insurance.